Tapestry: Plans and Ploys

Expand your game of Tapestry with more variability and opportunities!

1-5 players, ages 12+
90-120 minutes
Designer: Jamey Stegmaier
Art by Andrew Bosley, Sculpts by Rom Brown

Publisher: Stonemaier Games

For my review of the Tapestry base game, I would like to refer you to this post:

Now let’s talk about the Plans and Ploys expansion and in particular, why this makes Tapestry a better game for me.

Let’s start off with my favourite part, the new landmark cards: at the start of the game each player drafts one of these, placing the matching miniature nearby. The landmark cards give each player a personal objective that allows them to place the corresponding miniature on their capital city when the requirements are met. For example the TV Station landmark can be placed on your mat as soon as you have built 3 income buildings of the same type. I believe this is an excellent addition that gives your engine a nice boost even before the game is even halfway.

Apart from those 5 landmarks, Plans and Ploys also comes with 2 other new landmarks, one that can be acquired through a new tapestry card, and the other from a new space tile.

This leads me to the other additions: 15 tapestry cards and 4 space tiles, but also 10 new civilizations that give players unique abilities, enhancing the replayability of the game.

Also included are 12 landmark tokens to place on the advancement tracks, serving as a reminder for you to see which landmarks are already taken.

Plans and Ploys is an expansion that does not bring many new rules, nor does it substantially change the gameplay itself. The changes are rather subtle, and apart from the landmark cards there are no new mechanisms added. 

If you enjoy playing Tapestry primarily solo, this expansion should be a no brainer for you because of the 5 new scenarios that change up the solo game, and they also can be played as a campaign.

I think this expansion is a great addition to an already wonderful game, and I honestly cannot imagine playing Tapestry without this in the future.

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