Lizard Wizard

In Lizard Wizard, players take on the role of Arch-Mages recruiting wizards from the seven schools of magic and building towers for them to research the magic spells. Your goal is to gain the loyalty of wizards across the land to become the most powerful Arch-Mage of Astoria!

2-6 players, age 10+
Playing time: 90-120 minutes
Designer: Glenn Drover
Artwork: Jacoby O’Connor & Annie Stegg

Publisher: Forbidden Games

During their turn, players have a choice of six different actions to perform;
You’ll be able to gather Reagents by playing a card from your hand and gain what’s depicted on the top half, while increasing the value of the Reagents shown on the bottom half on their tracks on the game board.
Reagents are used to construct towers in which the wizards can be housed in, activate spells or you can convert them to Mana according to their value on their corresponding track.
Mana on the other hand is the currency that you can use to research new spells, and attract wizards or familiars. These will help you to search the Dungeon for artifacts and treasures, activate spells and collect gold depending on the Arch Mage’s influence on the magic school they are familiar with.

When one of the piles of cards is depleted the game ends and players will get loyalty points depending on their sets of wizards, towers and spells.

Lizard Wizard is a straightforward resource management/set collection game. Six possible actions to choose from when it’s your turn may sound like a lot, but after a few turns you’ll soon see how each part of the game is connected.
As you play, you will constantly struggle to find the right balance between taking Reagents, getting Mana or, for example, researching a spell to make sure that an opponent doesn’t snatch them up right in front of you. Or taking a tower you don’t necessarily need can make one available that is just very useful to an opponent.
The game comes with quick turns and rules that are fairly easy to grasp, and the artwork is just amazing – the production quality is just top notch.
If you’re looking for an accessible game with more than enough depth, I can highly recommend Lizard Wizard!

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