The Wolves

Build your wolf pack and compete with rival packs to claim territories and show your dominance during the region scorings. Will your pack prevail this lunar cycle?

2-5 players, ages 14+
Playing time: 75 minutes
Designers: Ashwin Kamath & Clarence Simpson
Artwork: Pauliina Linjama

Publisher: Pandasaurus Games

🔸 In The Wolves, each player becomes the leader of a pack of wolves. You’ll take turns to move your wolves, build dens and lairs, and hunt for prey. To take actions, players flip terrain tiles that match the terrain of the tile they want to take the action on.

🔸 While the wolves are moving around they’re howling at lone wolves to make them join the pack. This is the main way to get more animals onto the board, which will help to gain control of the territory. Another way to gain a majority is to build dens and lairs, while these also make your pack stronger.
Moving a den from the playerboard to the main board will increase the amount of wolves and their range during movement, and possibly score you points at the end of the game. Upgrading a den to a lair will increase the majority points and will open up high end game points on your player board.

🌙 Region scoring takes place during the crescent, half and finally the full moon, rewarding players who have a majority in an area with the depicted moon symbol of the current phase.
After the third region scoring the game ends, players tally the points they earned during the game and they’ve unlocked on their player boards, and whoever scored the most VP is declared the winner!

💬 The Wolves is a medium weight area majority game that’s spiced with a touch of take that. The innovative mechanism of flipping region tiles to perform actions is simple, the difficulty lies in planning ahead as the back of the tiles give you new terrain types to take actions on in your next turn.
👌 The production quality is top notch, the game comes with plenty of custom animeeples and uses pleasant colors that make it has a great table presentation.
👥 I wouldn’t recommend it for 2 players, but it really shines at 3-4 player count.
🐺 The theme is very well integrated into the game mechanics.

💭 The Wolves combines fresh mechanics with elegant gameplay, and therefore we believe it’s a great addition to our collection!

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