So Clover!

A cooperative word-association game in which players have to figure out each other’s clues to win the game!

3-6 players, 10+
Playing time: 30 minutes
Designer: François Romain

Publisher: Repos Production

At the start of the game, each player takes a clover board and four of the key cards, cards with words on each of the four sides, and puts them randomly on their board.
During the designation phase, players write a one word hint on the leaves of the clover, hinting at the two words on the adjacent cards.They have to make sure the other players will know enough with that word to put the cards back in the right order on the board. But there is an extra difficulty: during the decision phase, a new card from the deck is shuffled together with the four cards, making it more difficult to match the right cards together. The player who wrote down the hints will watch as a bystander when the other players try to puzzle the card back on the right spots on the clover, scoring points depending if they have it right on the first or on the second attempt. When everyone’s board is scored, players total their points… and start over again trying to beat that score!

So Clover! is a fun game to play with kids too as they learn to think out of the box and see there are multiple meanings of the same word. The game can easily be adapted to be more challenging by adding extra cards during the decision phase if needed. This is also a perfect game to end game night with, or to bring along at parties, there’s almost no setup and it takes only a few minutes to explain. There’s also a massive amount of cards making there’s an endless number of possible combinations, so replayability won’t ever be an issue!

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