Florenza: X Anniversary Edition

By hiring artists and financing their works, players lead powerful families to fame during the Renaissance period!

1-5 players, ages 14+
Playing time: 60-180 minutes
Designers: Stefano Groppi & P.S. Martensen
Artwork: Sara Gioria & Ivan Zoni

Publisher: Post Scriptum

The game is played over a series of 7 rounds, each starting with players receiving income; every player gets the same basic income, but also additional income for constructed workshops and completed artworks.

The most important phase is when players place their Kinsman, which they can assign in 7 different ways, with the most important ones being hiring artists to complete artworks, or placing them on player boards to generate resources or build new workshops. By paying them a point you can even use workshops of an opponent.

The Kinsmen will get activated in the next few phases, so careful planning is required
-> You want to make sure you have ALL required resources to pay or you will lose prestige points!

At the end of each round players determine who becomes the Captain of the People and the Bishop -> these players will receive a small benefit in the next round.

Florenza is a crunchy eurogame, offering a nice mix of worker placement and resource management. With a playing time that can go up to 3 hours, it definitely requires some investment, but for me personally it was totally worth it. Then again, I’m always in for a good old brain burner

The 10th Anniversary Edition of this classic eurogame doesn’t come only with some updated rules, but also with new artwork and components.

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